Laundry & Garment Rental System

Laundry System and Garment Rental System

ELCB developed the control systems for Bidvest Service Industry for both laundries and garment rental.  These systems were essentially developed to monitor the turnaround times and garment losses.

The Laundry system provides control of the following:

  • Client laundry order number tracking
  • Client analysis by product type
  • Measurement of turnaround times
  • Delivery route planning
  • Internal chemical analysis
  • Laundry and dry cleaning services
  • Centralised price control

The Garment Rental system provides control for the following:

  • Extensive asset control, including asset depreciation by contract
  • Various forecasting methods for turn over predictions
  • Ghosting and over washing control via e-tagging
  • Order consolidation and warehouse control
  • Factory management in terms of both delivery and retrieval of contracted garments
  • Residual value forecasting and contract control

This industry essentially provides a complete garment rental services i.e. from measuring up the clients staff for garment ordering to badgeing, colour specializations, unique product fabric requirements to final installation at the customer site.

These systems have allowed the customers to focus on core issues of their business namely service and speed.