Welcome to our ELCB Information Services Website.

Our combination of Business and IT Skills provides our Client the opportunity to optimize technology with sustained success.

Information management embraces all the generic concepts of management, including: planning, organizing, structuring, processing, controlling, evaluation and reporting of information activities.

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The ELCB Research and Development team continuously use evolving new technology in practical applications.  Our aim is to harness the new available capabilities and through a controlled process. 

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IT Technology at ELCB is not only a profession, but a passion shared among our professional Technical team.  The IT Technology aspect of our business is both exciting and extremely diverse. 

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The Corporate Social Investment (CSI) mandate within ELCB is to manage, fund and execute ventures that elevate our local community and the morale of disadvantaged individuals. 

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IT Solutions and Software for your business

Workshop Management Software

Parts, Accessories, fitment centres, automotive electrical and mechanical workshops.

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Bulk Volume Capturing

Backlogs, Surveys, Assessments, Special Order and Invoice processing, Evaluation information captured from paper based documents. 

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Warehouse & Distribution Services

ELCB offer a unique service that mobiles a Warehousing and Logistics project for a specific specialized purpose. 

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Monitoring and Evaluation (M&E)


ELCB consultants are trained in the concepts of Monitoring and Evaluation as service on a project or within a Client environment.

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Small Business and Franchisee Solutions

No business is too big or too small, as we understand the potential business growth of small businesses. 

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Shared Service Centres

Shared services is a transformational business model for managing “back-office“ operations. 

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Latest posts
B-BBEE Level 3
Thursday, 19 April 2018


Congratulations to ELCB Executive and Management team on achieving a LEVEL 3 B-BBEE rating for the Company.

There is vast difference between a standard IT Consultant role and a ELCB specialist role. 

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The people of ELCB have at all times been considered its key assets. 

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We offer solutions for a range of industries and their business sectors. 

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