Information Management Services

ELCB provides useful professional advice and a unique integrated approach to Information Management that helps Clients manage their information with ease.

 We identify and classify the data based on its value and purpose.

Gathering relevant business information efficiently at key points and intervals using a trusted methodology, ensures a measurable result that can be evaluated.  

Through access to existing databases and data warehouses, our Data Analysts and IT Specialists are able to extract, cleanse, integrate, append and process data.  

Available data is then capable of extensive analysis and evaluation.  

ELCB Data Capture Centre is renowned for its high-speed capture of large volumes of information.

We understand the risk of physical records stored on documents and isolated spreadsheets being unmatched to the electronic matching records.

Confidence in available information is rebuilt as result on specialised project to assess, review, improve and realign processes and information using strict measurable controls.  

Examples of Information Management Project we have participated in include: 

  • Local Municipalities Debt Book Evaluation
  • Backlog of information recording—bulk volume data capture 
  • Bulk requisitioning for Education Department schools
  • Disparate Systems that share data across servers 
  • EDI-Electronic data interchange between stakeholder systems 
  • Verification of existing data versus physical records - Leave records, Asset Records, Contracts and Cases

The Information Management service compliments our Data Capture Services and Registry Solutions, ensuring a the "bigger picture" is taken into account.