IT Consulting

Our "hands -on" approach to IT Consulting 

Professional business and IT consulting; a service that supports our Client in analysing, designing and implementing a service delivery, within their business and as an improved service to their customers.   The role provides a technical link between the client and their third party specialist teams (auditors, engineers, accountants). Consulting that is practical, knowledge based, and aligned to the specific specialized requirements of the Client.  

The ELCB IT Consultants wear many hats based on our agile approach to developing and implementing services and solutions. Subject Experts are included in the consulting process to ensure the role of Business Analysts and Data Analysts are complimented with the necessary knowledge base from which to source the necessary expertise. 

Typical examples of our consulting services include:

Assisting the Client in the development of Business Case for a specific solution/service

Compiling a specification document that is inclusive of the business and technical requirements

Assist the Client in developing a Data Governance policy and Data Management Standards

Project Management consulting  inclusive of Change Management and Stakeholder Management


IT Consulting that engineers a framework that supports the People, Compliant Processes and optimum use of Technology.