Workshop Management Software

Workshop Management Software that is easy to use and proven to be successful.

The ELCB Workshop Management Software offers: 

Workshop Functions

• Service Appointments and schedules. (proactive planning, reminders and walk ins ) 

• Service Estimation and quotes - for insurance and other purposes

• JOB Card Management  - initiate on approved service request, invoice on closure,

• Parts Management  - Record issues and return of spares and items against job cards

• Invoice Management – Automate invoicing on closure of Job Cards

• Resource Management – Times, rates, allocations, usage, productivity 

• Job Service types – include sub job tasks such as  pre-inspections, post inspections

• Interface to Inventory Management Modules

• History of Warranty Claims per VIN Number

• Service Team Productivity

• Vehicle service history


Workshop Features

• Files/documents are quickly and easily identified in the workflow

• Data integrity is maintained

• All VIN NUMBERS have  validation applied

• Where it is required to verify information against existing systems this is implemented

• Full audit trails are available

• Productivity of staff can be monitored and managed

• Backlogs can be easily identified and managed

• Exception reporting that alerts key Workshop Management personnel 

• General management reports and enquiries are always available in real time