Bulk Volume Capturing

Backlogs, Surveys, Assessments, Special Order and Invoice processing, Evaluation information captured from paper based documents. 

Our Bulk Volume capture solution helps organizations solve there backlog/take on s problem. We accurately convert large volumes of documents into simplified sets of data by producing electronic documents of your hard copies, that allow “ease-of-use”. 

Each  project is supervised by a specialist team leader who checks the documents and monitors the data capturers for precision in their work. This helps our data capturers to be as accurate and accountable as possible.

New data capturers (local previously unemployed) are given training until they are familiar with the project. We are committed to a tradition where  quality of service and accuracy is priority. 

Project size is not contraint on a data capture project — our experienced data capturers captured 441 099 forms in record time. 

Our commitment to offer our Clients  superior service, regardless of the size of their projects, is our source of pride and distinguishes us from the rest.    

Our support and outstanding service has resulted in a satisfied Client base, with Clients that have been with us over 32 years!.

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