Small Business and Franchisee Solutions

No business is too big or too small, as we understand the potential business growth of small businesses. 

One of the success factors in maintaining information that can measure the success rate of the business. 

ELCB is offering the small business owner  an on-line solution on a outsourced basis.

An  experienced solutions team facilitates a completely flexible software package. 

ELCB are able to connect the Clients small business to a realtime information.

The solution is scaled to the size of the business and provides for linking to third parties.

Often the small business owner is contracted by a Client who requires accurate supplies;  stock holding information and exchange Order, Inventory and Invoicing Information. This functionality is extended to online catalogs with automatic updates.   

We understand the need to allow for continuous updates on statuses and the cross reference in Client and Supplier part numbers, release numbers.

On-site courtesy visits and continuous telephonic support  ensure a supportive environment and has built a satisfied customer base. 

See our SMME programme, and our products and services